From fitness memberships to group fitness classes and wellness programs at your location, our services are designed to meet the needs of your employees at any place in their wellness journey. The Hunterdon Health & Wellness Centers will work with you every step of the way in developing your company’s customized wellness plan and help your employees become happier, healthier, and more productive.

Our centers offer a range of fitness programs, services, and resources that assist individuals in attaining their physical fitness goals. Individuals benefit from access to the certified wellness staff for guidance in attaining optimal health and wellness at every age and fitness level.


At many fitness centers, a fitness partnership consists of a discounted gym membership. At the Hunterdon Health & Wellness Centers, we offer fitness memberships that include the following components.


Assessment: Through fitness assessments, we identify personal health history, physical fitness status, interests, and personal goals to develop a well-rounded and comprehensive exercise program.
Design: We design a tailored program that focuses on an individual’s fitness data in a motivational format. We partner with individuals to determine which services to include. If weight management is a concern, for example, we might include blood pressure screenings and cardio-based fitness options.
Implementation: Using a combination of screenings, training, coaching, group fitness programs, challenges, and other tools, we educate and support members in making healthy lifestyle changes.
Measure: Using the fitness assessment/reassessment data, we measure an individual’s ongoing progress toward their fitness goals.


We offer a variety of services and are open to discussing customized options to meet your organization’s wellness needs and interests. Below you will find some of our Wellness offerings.

Corporate Fitness Memberships
On-Site Group Fitness Classes
Team Building and Wellness Challenges
Corporate Retreats
Educational Lunch and Learn Programs

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