January Update


Happy New Year!

Dear Members,

As we move into a new year, we wish you moments of peace, connections with family and friends – even if they can’t be in person, the warmth of memories from times past, and wonderful moments of joy.  The following are a few tips from our Wellness Family to help you have a happy, healthy New Year!  Maintaining our physical activity and mental health is critical during this time. We need to make exercise, eating right, and not smoking some of our top priorities.

Stay Active

Exercise is good for your mind and body.  Staying healthy is important in this and every season.  If you are having difficulty carving out a block of time, experts now agree that a little as 10 minutes of activity is beneficial.  For example, three 10-minute sessions may be more manageable than one 30-minute session. Remember to include cardio, strength training, and stretching in your regular routine!

Take time for yourself

Reset. It’s important to make sure you’re getting enough sleep, eating healthy meals, drinking lots of water, and staying active. Incorporating these things into your routine will leave you feeling good both inside and out.

Plan. Take the time to set some realistic goals you would like to achieve in the New Year. While 2020 has been unpredictable, it can be motivating to focus on the aspects of your life that we have control over.

Participate. Read or listen to your favorite book or podcast (ideally while engaging in some form of exercise), take that online course, bake that recipe or kick off the hobby you’ve been dying to try. Staying productive with activities you enjoy can help you remain present.

We carry you in our hearts and continue to be here for you. Wishing you and your loved one’s strength, health, and much happiness!

Most Sincerely,
Mary T. Benyola
Hunterdon Health & Wellness Centers


We realize the importance of providing ongoing communication to our members at this time.  We have sent continued member updates with important facility and membership freeze information via email. We have also posted these updates to our Facebook page.  If you did not contact the Wellness Centers to request changes to your membership as instructed in our communications, your membership was reactivated on September 12, 2020.  Please remember to check your spam email folder for HHWC communications and call our Front Desk Staff if you have made any changes to your email address.  This will ensure you are receiving our emails going forward.

Reservations will be required for all classes. The member portal link can be found at the top of our website. If you need directions, please hover over the word “classes” on the website and click the link that says “portal instructions”. You may also call the front desk to book your class. Class reservations start the day prior to the scheduled class.

If you register for a class and are unable to make it, you must call the front desk to cancel your reservation. This is very important as class sizes are limited. Please be considerate of other members.

Masks are required for all indoor classes with the exception of Water Aerobics. Cyclists should bring an extra mask as you may find the need to replace it halfway through the class.  There is no towel service at this time so please remember to bring your own.

Class attendance and demand will be monitored regularly and changes will be made as needed. We hope to have the virtual classes up and running within the next few weeks.

For those who have chosen to remain on freeze until December 31, 2020, please remember your membership will be reactivated on January 1st, 2021. At any time you may stop your freeze and return to your workout. Please let us know and we will make the necessary adjustments to your account.

Just as a reminder, no dues were charged in September to make up for the time lost when the NJ State mandate closed our doors in March. Monthly membership dues for all active members and all permanent locker fees were reinstated in November.

Six months have been added to all yearly membership expiration dates.

Thank you!

If you have any further questions or comments, please direct them to our membership coordinators:

Karen Faulkner in Clinton 735-6884 x 1, kfaulkner@hhsnj.org
Robin Schneider in Whitehouse 534-7600 x 6, rschneider@hhsnj.org
Kari Yannarella  in Lambertville   609-397-9391, kyannarella@hhsnj.org


 Phase 2 Reopening Guidelines

Please take a few moments to read through the following guidelines for Phase 2.
  • In order to keep an accurate capacity count, members will now be required to scan out when leaving.
  • Showers will be available. The locker rooms will be cleaned and disinfected regularly throughout the course of the day.
  • A limited number of lockers will be available for your use. Please only use lockers that are not blocked by the yellow tape. There is an available locker every 6 feet.
  • Please disinfect your locker before and after use. Spray bottles will be available for your personal use. Please return your spray bottle before checking out of the center.
  • There will be no towel service. Please bring all of your own amenities for showering.
  • Reservations will no longer be required for using the fitness floor. Reservations will still be required for lap swim, the therapy pool, and group fitness classes. We have lifted the 3 times per week allowance. You now have unlimited visits.
  • Members will continue to be screened and have their temperatures taken.
  • Masks are required for all indoor activities with the exception of the pools. No gaiters, bandanas or N95’s with exhalation valves will be allowed as per Hunterdon Healthcare rules.
Hot Tub Rules:
  •   There will be no reservations required for the hot tub. It is first-come, first-serve.
  •   Only 1 person can be in the Whitehouse hot tub and 3 is the max for Clinton.
  •   There is a 15-minute time limit for the hot tub.
  •   No one is allowed in the hot tub during the 15 minute cleaning time (the last 15 minutes of every hour). Please plan accordingly.

Helpful links:

To access the Hunterdon Healthcare Community Calendar.

To access the 2019 Physician Reference Guide.